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Totally Evil Entertainment Cocos2D-XNA

Game Play

Easy controls made for mobile.

Swipe Tiles

Match-3 style game where you swipe tiles to match 3 or more tiles in a row or column.

Mayan Tiles

Mayan Tiles included in the game as one of the challenge puzzles.

Innovative Games

Introducing a new game that offers a unique powerup variation on the match-3 style game.

Free Stuff

Every day you can win free coins. With those coins you can wager a little to win a great prize.

Multiple In-Game Items

Multiple items in the game augment your game play to give you more control over your performance.

Navigate By Touch

Swipe and touch are the key gestures for the game. On the desktop these translate to simple mouse movements.

Start With Powerups

You start the game with over 300 coins and some fun powerups will improve your game experience.

Coin Economy

All commerce is done through coins that you purchase from the market, or earn playing the game.

Fun and Educational

Based on actual Maya mythology and history!

Set in the Golden Age of the Mayan culture, you are a distant descendant of Lord Pacal the Shield Lord of Palenque. Awakened one night by an unfamiliar dream, you set out on a quest into the ruins of ancient Mayan cities. There you must find 5 ingredients to compose a special spell at The Cenote of Souls to release Lord Pacal into Xibalba.

To find the ingredients you must solve a variety of puzzles, some familiar to you as the ever common match-3 tile game, and some that are unique to you. Featuring the Mayan Tiles game engine, you will experience all of the puzzle experiences under the Totally Evil brand.

All of our artwork is based upon real archaeological photographs, stone rubbings, and academic texts. While the fiction of the game is our own design, the realm, its grounding, and the iconography you see, is all authentic Mayan language from the Golden Age.


  • The Ancient Maya, Fifth & Sixth Editions, Robert J. Sharer
  • A Forest of Kings, The Untold Story of The Ancient Maya, Linda Shele and David Freidel
  • The Magic and Mysteries of Mexico, Lewis Spence
  • The Decipherment of Ancient Maya Writing, Edited by Stephen Houston, Oswaldo Chincilla Mazariegos, and David Stuart
  • Ancient Maya Relief Sculpture, The Museum of Primitive Art, Rubbings by Merle Greene


cross-platform by design

Works on tablets and phones.

Move between cities
Find the five ingredients to win the game
Power-ups help you win the game
Slide tiles to match 3 or more
Artwork based entirely on actual Mayan structures

Enjoyable Puzzles for Everyone


Multiple Game Platforms

The game is available on the major mobile markets and on MacOS and Windows. You can download the installer from our web site.


In-Game Prizes

You can win items in the game just by playing! Each day you play you may be able to win up to 150 free coins.


In-App Purchases

Additional packs of coins are available for purchase. You will earn in-game currency (Mayan Epic Coins) as you play the game, but you can purchase booster packs of coins to hasten your game experience.


Amazing Compatibility.

App screenshots.

Totally Free To Play!

In-App Items To Buy

Small Basket
$1.99 US
  • 100 Mayan Epic Coins

Medium Basket
$2.99 US
  • 250 Mayan Epic Coins

Best Value
Large Basket
$4.99 US
  • 500 Mayan Epic Coins